Reba shuddered as the emanation in the house prodded at her, a touch on her mind that echoed the cold and greasy feel of the ritual candle in her hand. In the corner of her vision, the home’s owners clung to each other at the open door, their eyes wide…

How to Build a Character in Fiction?

How can we build our characters? This is a common enough question fielded by new writers, and has many and varied answers online and off. Some writers prefer character sheets and dossiers and detailed notes; others explore their characters in situ, discovering background and personality and attitudes within their native…


Cold was the only thing she could feel, weighting her limbs, fogging her senses, distorting her thoughts. Cold pressure against her mouth. A radiating cold of the stone table beneath her. Even the light was cold, streaming through the slits of the turret, draining the stone of hue.

Laughter. A…

Some functionality suggestions for the Profile page?

I like the new “design” functionality for the profile page, as limited as it is, but I propose the site goes a little further, adding more useful functionality instead of appearance-based frills?

Could we consider the possibility of treating the profile page as a publication site — you already have…

“Where’s the IV? What is she? Forty-three kilograms? Dammit, that makes the dose too high. No, give me zero point two mils of tricyclic clomipramine. Now, please.”

A sharp, deep prick and burning. The voices didn’t stop, they merely sped up, getting louder, beating a strange cadence against the inside…

Touch me while I’m breaking, before the pieces slip through the cracks and are gone for good.

Smile if you see, eyes focused —

Am I here?

Let go when the fissures are too broad to cross, when the sounds that emerge demand too much, and the costs too great.

A Maguire

Writer, dreamer, developmental editor, book coach, farmer and mother.

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