Forty Loves

A Maguire
5 min readFeb 14, 2019

Never been able to resist an invitation to dance. By a small — and not at all interesting or intriguing coincidence — I’ve spent a little time recently thinking about all the things I dearly love in this life and would miss, so thank you, Mark Starlin, for a chance to get those thoughts out, in no particular order but as they occurred, in a place of noise and shadows.

~ the smiles of my daughter and son, on every occasion. Nothing lifts my heart, my mind, my soul, more quickly than the sight of these.

~ the smell of hay, mown and turned, drying in the sunshine. Hay keeps a little of this magic in each bale, even when stored in a barn.

~ a sweet certainty that for every emotion I feel, there’s a piece of music that captures and distils the essence of that emotion in a way words will never be able to approach. Music is the language beyond language, beyond thought.

~ animal dramatics of every species, but most especially equine, feline and camelid thespians. When life is good, what else is there to turn to but drama?

~ a moment I catch in time again and again, a moment of transportation, heart and mind lost in the way you describe a world I will never know and make it feel as if I was born there.

~ the taste of bread, in every variety and state of being, with and without accompaniments.

~ the coruscation of energy from heaven to earth and back, through the soul as it paces the dividing walls of elemental kingdoms. Storms refresh everything when they’re very close.

~ the possessive stroke of a hand over my skin, pressing more firmly or lightening to a featherweight brush, trailing sensation to ignite emotion.

~ a soft bed, scented faintly with lavender, at the end of a long day.

~ dawn breaking over pastures delicately frosted, a cool breath following a long, hot summer.

~ newly regained strength and the magic of the human body, my body, for everyday use.

~ being able to trust someone with all I am.

~ snow blanketing the world in pristine white outside while a fire glows red and gold and radiates life-giving warmth into the house, and someone asks if I’d like a marshmallow in my hot chocolate.



A Maguire

Writer, dreamer, developmental editor, book coach, farmer and mother.